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KJ Health Matters

...reinforcing your vision



Advocating for healthcare innovators

Headquartered in Greater Boston, KJHM represents visionary clients around the nation. The firm specializes in all facets of healthcare and healthcare technology. Whether you’re a health plan, hospital, technology provider, or health based organization, we will not only raise your profile, we’ll create a policy environment that will help you flourish in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.

Healthcare is on the move. KJHM has the experience and relationships necessary to create and sustain a customized strategy that will suit your individual needs, and the unique space you operate in.  As a boutique firm operating at the cross section of healthcare and innovation, we can give you the tailored advice and support that will benefit you in the long term.




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Areas of Practice


Research and interpretation of the regulatory and legislative environment.


Moving the policy ecosystem forward to create a supportive environment for deployment and sales. 


Helping to define your place in an increasingly competitive and fast moving marketplace. 

We can only see a short distance ahead
but we can see plenty there that needs to be done
— Alan Turing