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Reinforcing your vision

Technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship have long been the solution to the most complex challenges facing any community, organization, or campaign.

Dr. Claude Beck invented the defibrillator in 1947, which has become standard equipment in public places all across the nation. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley of AT&T Bell won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics for their creation of the transistor, now considered the building block of the processors used in nearly every modern computing device. Even the commonplace concept of rebooting said computers by hitting Control-Alt-Delete was discovered by IBM’s David Bradley in 1981.

Such innovation is rebooting the entire conversation over care delivery. From virtual care delivery and remote patient monitoring to wireless sensors and monitors to the genomic revolution - these visionary concepts can improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine more personal and precise.

To have this kind of impact, innovators need infrastructure  - reinforcement for their vision. KJHM is dedicated to providing policy analysis, advocacy, and branding support to those who are providing tomorrow's vision. 


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We know that creating the proper public and policy infrastructure are key to the success of your innovation. Let us compliment your vision with our commitment to strengthening that infrastructure. 

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Kofi Jones

From serving in the Governor Deval Patrick Administration supporting the innovation economy to creating telehealth policy on a 50 state and federal basis as the Vice President of Government Affairs at American Well, Kofi has been at the forefront of policy and communications for well over a decade. She spent years as a communications and media expert, both in front of and behind the camera - working as a reporter and anchor all over the country, and as Vice President at a major public relations firm in Boston.  Jones has hands-on experience with how technology advances care delivery, and the know how necessary to publicly construct and relay brand strength. 




Activities & Affiliations

• American Telemedicine Association Business and Finance SIG  Executive Committee
• State House News Service Press Secretary of the Year 2007
• Founder of Empowerment Climbing Scholarship Program